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Attend IANS Security Forums for 50% Discount

IANS Research has a co-marketing agreement with ISSA International. Part of the agreement gives ISSA members a 50% discount on all IANS Forums. All ISSA members can register for $675 rather than $1350. See the IANS events page for more information. The Forum closest to Utah is in San Francisco 15-16 Oct. For more information on this event and for registration, see the IANS San Francisco Information Security Forum 2013 landing page.

Paraben’s Forensic Innovations Conference (PFIC 2013)

Paraben’s Forensic Innovations Training & Conference is scheduled for 13-15 November at Snowbird. There are three tracks.

Conference Track ($199.00) — it includes attendance in over 20 different sessions on the latest techniques and issues facing the industry.

Advanced Training Track ($399.00) — it includes attendance in three 8-hour courses which are:
-Intrusions and Forensic Footprints (Hacker vs. Investigator)
-Advanced Memory Analysis, Malware Triage & Log Analysis
-Advanced Mac Forensics.

Specialist Training Track ($399.00) — it includes two 4-hour sessions each day and you rotate through all the topics which are:
-On-scene Triage Techniques
-Shadow Volumes & Windows Artifacts
-Chip-Off Forensics for Mobile Devices
-USB Drive Investigation & Tracking in a Multi-OS Environment
-Python Forensics
-Mobile Forensics Logical and Physical Acquisition & Analysis

PFIC also includes after-hours activities for everyone and daytime activities for spouses.

For the complete agenda and registration, go to