IANS Webinar “Never Fight a Land War in Cyberspace” by Marcus Ranum

ISSA members are welcome to join in a IANS Webinar entitled “Never Fight a Land War in Cyberspace,” on Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2-3 PM EDT. with Marcus Ranum, IANS Faculty.

Military analogies and metaphors are plentiful when discussing cybersecurity. In fact, the speaker’s own first cybersecurity paper was larded with out-of-context quotes from Sun Tzu. Now that the “cyberwar” phenomenon is in full swing, we’re constantly hearing things like “active defense” and “the best defense is a strong offense.” But what do they even mean in cyberspace? In this presentation, Marcus Ranum will compare some real-world military theories with their cyberspace equivalents so that attendees can see how confused this topic has become.

Register at: http://marketing.iansresearch.com/acton/form/3335/0020:d-0007/0/index.htm

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