Event Calendar

CounterIntel Conference and Intel Analyst Training @ The Chateaux Deer Valley
Sep 16 – Sep 18 all-day

Conference, September 16th
Keynote – Mark Weatherford, Principal, The Chertoff Group
Why Targeted ICS Threats Call for Intelligence? – Michael Assante, Director, ICS & SCADA, SANS Institute
Counterintelligence: A Seat At The Table – Ray Batvinis, Professor, The George Washington Unviersity, FBI Supervisory Special Agent (Ret.)

Why Building An Intelligence Team Is Important For Critical Infrastructure Asset Owners – Kristan Wheaton, Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies, Mercyhurst University

Situation Awareness: From Zero To Sector Scale – Ben Miller, Senior Cyber Security Specialist, ES-ISAC
Building Intelligence Infrastructure To Protect Your Critical Infrastructure – Meredith Wilson, Principal Consultant and Advisor, Emergent Risk International

Developing An Internal Threat Intelligence Function – Darin Olton, Principal, Threat & Vulnerability Management

Intel Analyst training, September 17th and 18th:

  • Understanding the intelligence challenge for critical infrastructure
    • Real time risk management
    • Cyber defense competency model
  • Intelligence and Situational Awareness
    • Situational awareness and intelligence requirements generation and gap analysis
    • Situational awareness and threat intelligence tools
    • Using OSINT tools to satisfy intelligence requirements
    • Getting inside the OODA loop
  • Attack Planning and Targeting
    • Attacker characterization
    • Threat identification
    • High value target identification
    • OSINT targeting
    • Targeting countermeasures
  • Creating and Using Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence
    • Attack scenario generation
    • Indicator list development
    • Review of intelligence management tools
    • Analyzing and actioning incoming intelligence
    • Review of cyber intelligence providers
    • Development of an internal security ontology
  • Industrial Control Systems Cyber Threat Environment
    • OSINT analysis using ICS knowledge
    • OSINT walk-down for ICS-related threat information
  • Information Sharing
    • Comparison of information received through info-sharing organizations/initiatives
    • Infrastructure I&A Competition